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PURPOSE Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a new technology that uses near-infrared light in an interferometer to produce approximately 10-microns resolution cross-sectional images of the tissue of interest. The authors performed repeated quantitative assessment of nerve fiber layer thickness in individuals with normal and glaucomatous eyes, and they(More)
OBJECTIVES Greenhouse operations are an important sector of the horticulture industry, also known as the Green Industry. The objectives of this study were (i) to investigate exposure levels to airborne culturable fungi, bacteria (total culturable bacteria and actinomycetes), endotoxin, and (1→3)-β-D-glucan in three Midwest greenhouses during summer and(More)
In a mixed-mode survey of all 1970-80 female graduates of all US veterinary colleges, information was obtained regarding several health, personal and occupational factors including data on occupational needlestick events. Among the 2,532 survey respondents, 1,620 reported one or more needlesticks after graduation from veterinary college (64.0% of all(More)
In this article we explore techniques to detect and visualize features in data from molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. Although the techniques proposed are general, we focus on silicon (Si) atomic systems. The first set of methods use 3D location of atoms. Defects are detected and categorized using local operators and statistical modeling. Our second set(More)
Multi-dimensional integrals of products of several arrays arise in certain scientiic computations. To optimize the performance of such computations on parallel computers, the total number of arithmetic operations and the total amount of communication need to be minimized. This paper addresses the operation minimization sub-problem and the communication(More)
In this application paper we explore techniques to classify anomalous structures (defects) in data generated from Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations of Silicon (Si) atom systems. These systems are studied to understand the processes behind the formation of various defects as they have a profound impact on the electrical and mechanical properties of(More)
BACKGROUND Food frequency questionnaires (FFQ) have been widely used in epidemiological studies of dietary factors, despite persistent questions about the quality of the data they generate. To address concerns about the influence of disease status on dietary recall, we examined the temporal consistency of dietary recall data obtained in a case-control study(More)
" The very few existing time-series stations paint a compelling picture of important oceanic changes in physics, chemistry and biology. Yet these stations capture the time domain at only a single point. New strategies for observing the appropriate spatial correlation are required. " Ocean Sciences at the New Millennium, Ocean Sciences Decadal Committee 2001(More)
The operation of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) by youth has contributed to the incidence of serious and fatal injuries among children. This study explored factors related to the frequency with which youth wore a helmet and refrained from engaging in three risky driving behaviors (driving at risky speeds, on paved roads and on unfamiliar terrain) while(More)