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CONTEXT Results from recent studies on the effects of beta1-blockade in patients with heart failure demonstrated a 34% reduction in total mortality. However, the effect of beta1-blockade on the frequency of hospitalizations, symptoms, and quality of life in patients with heart failure has not been fully explored. OBJECTIVE To examine the effects of the(More)
Ultrasonic measurements of human carotid and femoral artery walls are conventionally obtained by manually tracing interfaces between tissue layers. The drawbacks of this method are the interobserver variability and inefficiency. In this paper, we present a new automated method which reduces these problems. By applying a multiscale dynamic programming (DP)(More)
BACKGROUND The objective of the current study was to examine the efficacy and tolerability of the beta-blocker metoprolol succinate controlled release/extended release (CR/XL) in patients with diabetes in the Metoprolol CR/XL Randomized Intervention Trial in Chronic Heart Failure (MERIT-HF). METHODS The Cox proportional hazards model was used to calculate(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE A computerized analyzing system with manual tracing of echo interfaces for measurement of intima-media thickness and lumen diameter in carotid and femoral arteries was previously developed by our research group and has been used for many years in several laboratories. However, manual measurements are not only time consuming, but the(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate whether high-risk hypertensive patients (n = 137) had larger far-wall common carotid artery intima-media thickness than a control group (n = 37) and to study whether intima-media thickness was related to other signs of atherosclerotic disease. The results showed that intima-media thickness was significantly larger in(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the extent of carotid artery atherosclerosis in obese subjects and to examine the possible effects of weight loss on atherosclerotic development. DESIGN Controlled 4 y intervention study. SUBJECTS 20 obese patients treated with weight-reducing gastroplasty, 19 obese patients treated with dietary recommendations and 35 lean(More)
BACKGROUND Underrepresentation of women in heart failure clinical trials has limited conclusions regarding the effect of various management strategies on survival in women with heart failure and decreased left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF). METHODS AND RESULTS MERIT-HF (Metoprolol Extended-Release Randomized Intervention Trial in Heart Failure) was(More)
OBJECTIVES We performed a post-hoc subgroup analysis in the Metoprolol CR/XL Randomized Intervention Trial in Chronic Heart Failure (MERIT-HF) with the aim of reporting on the heart rate (HR) response during the titration phase and clinical outcomes from the three-month follow-up visit to end of study in two dosage subgroups: one that had reached more than(More)
B-mode ultrasound was used to noninvasively determine wall thickness and lumen diameter in the common carotid artery in patients with familial hypercholesterolemia (n = 53) and in a control group (n = 53). The controls were matched for sex, age, height, and weight, and all had a serum cholesterol level below 6.5 mmol/l. The study was performed to evaluate(More)
In the present study we report on the predictive power of microalbuminuria for total and cardiovascular mortality in a prospective study (mean follow up 6.3 years) of treated hypertensive men, aged 50 to 72 years, with (n = 94) and without (n = 345) maturity onset diabetes mellitus. Thirty-three (35.1%) of the hypertensive patients with diabetes mellitus(More)