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Despite the chronic exposure of the US population to fluoridated drinking water since the 1940s, existing studies have been judged inadequate to determine any potential reproductive or developmental hazard. This study was conducted to determine the effects of sodium fluoride (NaF) on foetal development. Sperm-positive female rats were given 0, 10, 25, 100,(More)
The authors investigated the impact of unilateral listening upon two central auditory functions: speech discrimination in a noisy environment, and the ability to process and clearly recognize modestly accelerated speech by 30% compression (shortened exposure). We determined that the negative impact of listening to speech in the milieu of noise was(More)
Surgery upon the cervical vertebrae may produce prolonged dysphagia due to regional damage, hemorrhage, infection, and denervation. Cases illustrating these problems are presented with attention to the progression of the clinical course and the diagnostic modalities of radiology and endoscopy. Methods of prevention are emphasized and the therapeutic plan is(More)
Groups of Osborne-Mendel rats, killed at three time intervals following mating, were studied to determine whether prenatal skeletal ossification delays observed following low-level caffeine administration represent transient or persistent ossification problems. Group A litters were killed on gestation day 20; group B neonates were killed on post-natal day(More)
Male and female Sprague-Dawley (Spartan) rats were fed dietary levels of 0, 0.25, 0.50, 0.75 or 1.00% triphenyl phosphate (TPP) from 4 weeks post weaning for 91 days, through mating and gestation. At these dietary levels, the daily intake of TPP during pregnancy was 0, 166, 341, 516 and 690 mg/kg body weight, respectively. TPP exposure had no toxic effects(More)
Massive cervicofacial abscesses of dental origin are relatively rare, and may be associated with serious and grave morbidity. In extreme cases, an occasional fatality may result from regional complications. Three cases are presented that describe the clinical and radiographic evaluation and the surgical approaches for abscess drainage. Specific attention is(More)
The authors present the case histories of five patients who have sustained corrosive injuries of the upper gastrointestinal tract. Flexible endoscopic examination was successfully carried out in each patient to assess the extent of the injury and anticipate further therapeutic needs. Three patients sustained major gastric lesions, i.e., strictures or(More)
We will describe a case of glomus jugulare tumor that illustrates the potential for multiple areas of metastasis throughout the central nervous system. Extension through the dura into the subarachnoid space allows seeding via the cerebrospinal fluid as far away as the cauda equina. We will review the usual clinical course of the tumor and will evaluate the(More)
A group of dyslexic students was examined by a central auditory test (CAT) battery including competing sentences, binaural fusion, filtered speech, and compressed speech. Auditory evoked brainstem responses (BSER) were measured in conjunction with the CAT data. The auditory tests indicate a high degree of failure in those areas requiring sophisticated(More)