Richard D Tilley1
Chuanxiu Yang1
Soshan Cheong1
Jonathan D. Geiger1
1Richard D Tilley
1Chuanxiu Yang
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  • Pan-Yue Deng, Zhaoyang Xiao, Chuanxiu Yang, Lalida Rojanathammanee, Laurel Grisanti, John Watt +4 others
  • 2009
The entorhinal cortex (EC) is regarded as the gateway to the hippocampus and thus is essential for learning and memory. Whereas the EC expresses a high density of GABA(B) receptors, the functions of these receptors in this region remain unexplored. Here, we examined the effects of GABA(B) receptor activation on neuronal excitability in the EC and spatial(More)
In situ studies on the growth and evolution of platinum nanocrystals in solution were carried out using synchrotron-based X-ray diffraction (XRD) techniques. Ex situ low- and high-resolution transmission electron microscopy (TEM) were used to investigate the nanocrystal morphologies through the different growth stages. In a reaction with low precursor(More)
In addition to other cognitive tasks that need attending to, experienced fireground commanders are also faced with a crucial task of identifying various environmental and informational cues that could affect their performance on the fireground. Although these cues play a crucial role in activating the pattern recognition or intuitive decision-making(More)
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