John Waters

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O ne challenge facing the Internet of Things 1,2 is labeling physical objects to let them participate in the digital world. Until now, most solutions addressed this issue by using either 1D or 2D bar codes or RFID. 3 Such RFID devices include the 2.4-GHz Hitachi µ-chip, 4 the widely deployed 13.56-MHz Mifare ( and Felica(More)
The Shared Wireless Aaccess Protocol (SWAP) specification for wireless voice and data networking within the home will enable a new class of mobile consumer devices that draw from the power and content of the Internet and the Home PC. If cable modems and xDSL represent the "last mile" access to the home, then HomeRFTM's mission with SWAP could be called the(More)
Although it might seem like an unusual place to start, English adult social care is currently undergoing something of a self-proclaimed 'revolution' (and one that might well have even more significant implications for broader public services). In 2003, the English Department of Health (together with several local authorities and national learning disability(More)
Protein turnover represents an important mechanism in the functioning of cells, with deregulated synthesis and degradation of proteins implicated in many diseased states. Therefore, proteomics strategies to measure turnover rates with high confidence are of vital importance to understanding many biological processes. In this study, the more widely used(More)
Large pelagic sharks are distributed throughout all of the oceans and are caught as bycatch in pelagic longline fisheries worldwide. In the southern Atlantic Ocean, more than a dozen shark species are caught by the Brazilian tuna longline fleet. This study compiles information of the main shark species caught by the Brazilian tuna longline fishery in the(More)
CDMA,LINK, UMTS This document proposes assessment methods for a CDMA trial system, which is currently under development as part of the research toward a Universal Mobile Telecommunication System (UMTS) standard. After providing some background information on the experimental setup that will be the object of the measurement, the document addresses the(More)
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