John Waterlow

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A cohort of children in North-East Thailand was followed from birth to 2 years of age in an attempt to throw light on factors determining the development of stunting in linear growth. By 2 years the group as a whole had an average deficit in height of nearly -2 standard deviations. Those index children whose sibs were stunted had larger deficits than those(More)
Food production per head in the world as a whole has begun to level off in the last decade, while the world population continues to grow, risking malnutrition, perhaps even starvation, civil unrest and environmental damage. Very little more land suitable for agriculture is available, and the factors behind the 'green revolution' may not produce further(More)
In studies of whole body protein turnover, recycling of tracer from the breakdown of labelled protein is usually neglected; this neglect may introduce a significant error. A three-pool model with fast and slowly turning over protein pools has been used to calculate recycling rates over a range of sizes and turnover rates of the protein pools. Complete and(More)
Madam, Public Health Nutrition is now established as an international journal, and you are to be congratulated for that. But as a regular reader I am disappointed and even somewhat dismayed to find so little coverage of undernutrition, as an issue that is at the heart of public health nutrition. My view, which may be unpopular, is that we who have lived on(More)