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In 1996 Ward et al reported the results of their UK study into the state of practice in evaluating and realizing benefits from IS/IT investments. This paper presents new empirical evidence from a survey performed in the Benelux and the UK on the state of practice in managing benefits from IS/IT investments. The paper revisits the background and concepts of(More)
A respiratory chamber was used to investigate physiological responses of hedgehogs to predator and nonpredator odour cues, introduced by passing air through different faecal suspensions. Five recently caught hedgehogs showed a significant increase in oxygen consumption (29% +/- 18% at 95% c.i.) when treated with badger (predator) faecal suspension, and 10(More)
Caffeine has been previously reported to enhance the lethal potential of many DNA-damaging agents in rodent cells1-5. This effect has most commonly been ascribed to the binding of caffeine to single-stranded DNA6, and the resulting inhibition of post-replication repair7-10, which is associated with the synthesis of abnormally small nascent DNA fragments7,(More)
Studies of V79-171 cells were undertaken to determine what extracel lular or intracellular derivative of the drug WR-2721 is associated with radioprotection. The effect of preincubation at 23 ±1°C with WR-2721, and with derivatives of WR-2721 produced in medium containing alkaline phosphatase, upon survival of cells following subsequent-y-irradiation was(More)
BACKGROUND Germ cell tumors (GCT) are the most common solid tumors in adolescent and young adult males (age 15 and 35 years) and remain one of the most curable of all solid malignancies. However a subset of patients will have tumors that are refractory to standard chemotherapy agents. The management of this refractory population remains challenging and(More)