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This paper summarizes a study which was made by the authors on the various roles of personal computing in early education, college education and continued education of the individual. The role of personal computing in continued education is decomposed into its specific roles in the re-education of business persons (especially small businesses), of computer(More)
With the advent of micro/mini computers and timesharing facilities, personalized information systems are a reality. Computing courses are needed that can successfully raise the competency level of the general college student to the point where the computer can be used as a powerful tool. At present, curriculum development abounds, and is being extended, for(More)
The acceptance of new technology in an organization has been documented as early as 1974 by Nolan and Gibson. They noted that once the technology gained widespread appeal, management needed to establish policies and procedures in order to control costs and reduce inefficiencies. Although the stage theory was originally applied to centralized computing, many(More)
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