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Changes in below-ground nematode communities, in terms of abundance, diversity and trophic structure and the composition of the community in terms of sex bias and adult:juvenile ratio were related to edaphic factors from sites that represented a known sand dune succession. Nematode abundance increased along a 1-km transect from sandy beach (no vegetation(More)
This paper presents the results of the attitudinal and behavioural research undertaken as part of the NSW Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) Trial. Over 110 light vehicles from private and company fleets were fitted with an Advisory ISA device. In addition to the collection of speed records to measure compliance, drivers were asked to participate in(More)
Continuing professional development (CPD) can take a number of formats. Technology can play a key role in the delivery of CPD in the construction industry. Learning is a complex set of interrelated cognitive processes. For higher education, the intensive resource requirements required in the development of e-learning content and the challenges in(More)
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  • 1998
AT THE END of 1996, the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) carried out research which revealed that 5 million people aged 60 and over were completely unaware of the vital health aspects of eye examinations. The RNIB also discovered that as many as 500,000 older people were risking their sight because they couldn't afford to have an eye test.
The need for continued access and provision to continuing professional development (CPD) has been recognised by the construction sector. However accessing formal CPD opportunities while working fulltime in the industry is a challenging undertaking. It is recognised that learning is a complex set of interrelated cognitive processes. In higher education(More)
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