John Wade Ulrich

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The jazz music ian has two problems. The f i r s t is the c r e a t i o n of melodic m a t e r i a l . The second i s the problem o f f i t t i n g the melodic m a t e r i a l i n to a p a r t i c u l a r harmonic s t r u c t u r e . The work descr ibed in t h i s paper concentrates on t h i s second problem. To solve the problem we u t i l i z e d a(More)
IDT is an intelligent hardware diagnostic tool that has been successfully used to identify faults in PDP 11103 computers. It selects and executes tests, and interprets the results. IDT is able to modify its test selection strategy on the basis of results of previous tests as well as opinions offered to it by the user. Symbolic formulas are used to represent(More)
By extending a given analogy, a known program which solves a given problem is converted to a program which solves a different but analogous problem. The domains of the two problems need not be the same but they must be related by an initial specified analogy. There are three features which distinguish the approach. First the analogy formation evolves(More)
Given a description of a computer called the “target” and a micro processor called the “host” we would like to generate a micro program which when executed by the host will simulate the target. We accomplish this by first breaking the target down into a set of small segments. Then, logical conditions for an appropriate microcode are(More)
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