John W Y Wu

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Caprylate has long been used as a stabiliser for albumin solutions, as well as a precipitation agent for immunoglobulins, ceruloplasmin and more recently in removing contaminants during albumin purification. Its virucidal properties have been explored and it has been proposed that the non-ionised form of the caprylate acid disrupts the integrity of the(More)
Allogeneic bone marrow transplantation is an established treatment modality for leukemia, hematologic disorders and inborn errors of metabolism. while the focus of attention is the transplant recipient, the bone marrow donor (often a sibling) is both physically and emotionally involved in the process. Few reports have been written from the donor's(More)
The business opportunity and scale of American logistics market are important to global logistics operators. Logistics operators in Taiwan are facing the unavoidable question of establishing multinational logistics organizations and strengthening the strategic operational planning in line with international practice. Thus, they will encounter opportunities(More)
This study evaluated the feasibility of substituting expanded bed adsorption (EBA) chromatography for an existing chromatographic purification process for the isolation of prothrombin complex concentrate (PCC) from Cohn Supernatant I. The EBA chromatography (Streamline) resins were compared to the current DEAE-cellulose resin for the extraction of PCC from(More)
The current experimental method to determine the transfer length in prestressed concrete members consists of measuring concrete surface strains before and after de-tensioning with a mechanical strain gage. Since this is a time-consuming and tedious process, transfer lengths are seldom measured on a production basis. Furthermore, when transfer-lengths are(More)
The manufacture of human serum albumin by chromatographic procedures involves gel filtration chromatography as a final polishing step. Despite this step being essential to remove high molecular weight impurity proteins and thus ensure a stable and safe final product, it is relatively inefficient. This paper explores the use of hydrophobic charge induction(More)
The present paper describes an anion-exchange chromatography method to separate iron-free apo-Tf (apo-transferrin) from albumin and IgG in Cohn supernatant I. The method uses DEAE-fast flow Sepharose chromatography along with optimized protein concentration (5%, w/v) and column operation conditions (40 g/l, conductivity <1.0 mS/cm) to resolve apo-Tf from(More)
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