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ntroduction The proposed publishing model described in the latter half of this article has been developing in my mind for over five years. The beginnings of this model can be traced back to an idea for network-based scholarly publishing which I described at a meeting held at the Royal Society in 1993 1. I also described variations of this early model to(More)
Ras protooncogenes are activated by characteristic point mutations in a wide variety of malignancies. The expressed p21ras proteins are oncogenic by virtue of single substituted amino acids, usually at position 12 or 61 of the 189-residue p21ras protein. In the current study, the ability of class I major histocompatibility complex (MHC)-restricted T cells(More)
The development of T-cell therapy for the treatment of human malignancy has been hindered, in large part, by a lack of identifiable tumor antigens. Studies to identify potential T-cell targets in humans have been difficult because of practical problems limiting the use of in vivo immunization and a lack of reproducible in vitro priming methods. Oncogenic(More)
Charged water droplets generated by electrospray, sonic spray, and a vibrating orifice aerosol generator (VOAG) have been studied by digital macrophotography and image charge detection mass spectrometry. Image charge detection mass spectrometry provides information on the droplet size, charge, and velocity after transmission through a capillary interface.(More)
A novel image charge detection mass spectrometer (CDMS) with improved sensitivity and mass accuracy is described. The improved detector design and method of data analysis allow us to measure a reliable mass for a single macroion that is an order of magnitude smaller than previously achieved with CDMS. The apparatus employs an image charge detector array(More)
BACKGROUND High-dose interleukin-2 (IL-2) has been FDA-approved for over 20 years, but it is offered only at a small number of centers with expertise in its administration. We analyzed the outcomes of patients receiving high-dose IL-2 in relation to the severity of toxicity to ascertain if response or survival were adversely affected. METHODS A(More)
We describe a new approach to measuring the masses of individual macroions. The method employs a pulsed acceleration tube located between two sensitive image charge detectors. The charge and velocity of the macroion are recorded with the first image charge detector. The ion is pulse accelerated through a known voltage drop, and then the charge and velocity(More)
The plasma membrane (PM) is an organized biological system that serves as a structural barrier and communication interface with the extracellular environment. Many basic questions regarding the PM as a system remain unanswered. In particular, we do not understand the scope of similarity and differences in protein expression at the PM. This study takes an(More)