John W. Stoughton

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A piezopolymer pressure sensor has been developed for service in a portable fetal heart rate monitor, which will permit an expectant mother to perform the fetal nonstress test, a standard predelivery test, in her home. Several sensors are mounted in an array on a belt worn by the mother. The sensor design conforms to the distinctive features of the fetal(More)
The purpose of this paper is to present a new data flow graph model for describing the real-time execution of iterative control and signal processing algorithms on multiprocessor data flow architectures. Identified by the acronym ATAMM, for Algorithm to Architecture Mapping Model, the model is important because it specifies criteria for a multiprocessor(More)
The eld of computer simulation has been advanced by the availability of distributed computer platforms and software architectures which take advantage of those platforms. A great deal of eeort has gone into the development of distributed simulation environments and object-oriented simulation in military applications. The maturation process of these(More)
This paper is concerned with the development of strategies for predictable performance in homogeneous multicomputer data-flow architectures operating in real-time. Algorithms are restricted to the class of large-grained, decision-free algorithms. Applications include real-time implementation of control and signal processing algorithms. The mapping of such(More)
A computer interface for the fully automatic transfer of data from a Coulter model S blood analyzer to an IBM 1800 data acquisition and control system is described. The design objective was to eliminate manual handling of hematology data in order to enhance the reporting effectiveness of a computer-supported clinical pathology laboratory. Using integrated(More)
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