John W. Robertson

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Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are a fascinating subject for curiosity-driven research. But will they give rise to commercially viable applications? CNTs are rolled up sheets of sp 2 bonded graphite with no surface broken bonds. Their possible applications 1,2 arise from the remarkable properties of single-walled nanotubes (SWNTs) such as the highest Young's(More)
The hardness, elastic modulus, and structure of several amorphous carbon films on silicon prepared by cathodic-arc deposition with substrate pulse biasing have been examined using nanoindentation, energy loss spectroscopy ͑EELS͒, and cross-sectional transmission electron microscopy. EELS analysis shows that the highest sp 3 contents ͑85%͒ and densities(More)
We demonstrate the growth of continuous monolayer graphene films with millimeter-sized domains on Cu foils under intrinsically safe, atmospheric pressure growth conditions, suitable for application in roll-to-roll reactors. Previous attempts to grow large domains in graphene have been limited to isolated graphene single crystals rather than as part of an(More)
The McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica are a unique yet threatened polar biome. Cyanobacterial mats form a large part of the standing biomass in the McMurdo Dry Valleys and are therefore an indicator of ecosystem productivity and health. They are, however, patchily distributed, and this has hampered spatial ecology studies due to the logistical challenges of(More)
A number of silicone rubber composite insulators have been examined following 15 years of service on a coastal 400 kV transmission line in the UK. Extensive measurements of their hydrophobicity, as determined by contact angle, are given along with a description of their appearance. The hydrophobicity change varied from the low voltage end to the high(More)
(2015). Combining field and imaging spectroscopy to map soil organic carbon in a degraded south african ecosystem. Geoderma (submitted). (2015)A data-driven approach to quality assessment for hyperspectral systems. (2015). Application of airborne, laboratory and field hyperspectral methods to mineral exploration in the Canadian Arctic: recognition and(More)
multiband modeling of quantum electron transport through layered semiconductor devices, catalyst activity of water-assisted growth of single walled carbon nanotube forest characterization by a statistical and macroscopic approach, ABSTRACT: A high-performance millimeter-wave feed, designed for a broad-band radiometry application is presented. The feed(More)
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