John W Reinhardt

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OBJECTIVES The purpose of this in vitro study was to evaluate shear bond strengths and microleakage of seven current-generation dentin adhesive systems. METHODS Standard box-type Class V cavity preparations were made at the cemento-enamel junction on the buccal surfaces of eighty extracted human molars. These preparations were restored using a microfill(More)
The expired air of a group of 48 persons, 40 with and eight without dental amalgam restorations, was analyzed for its mercury content before and after chewing. Expired air samples were collected in polyethylene bags, and a known quantity of each was pumped into the mercury detector for measurement. The results showed that examined subjects with dental(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship, if any, of a dental student's 1) state of residency and 2) gender to his or her practice location in a rural Nebraska community after graduation. Previous research has demonstrated that dental students generally locate their practices near their place of rearing and that male graduates are more(More)
BACKGROUND The aging of the dental work-force has implications for both patients and dentists, especially those in rural and underserved areas. Anecdotal information regarding dental workforce trends indicates that students from rural communities are more likely to practice in rural communities than are students from urban areas. Although the medical(More)
This study collected information on various aspects of esthetic dentistry, including the time used and income produced while delivering treatment to noncarious teeth. A mail survey was sent to 521 randomly selected dentists in the six-state New England area (approximately 7% of the total active dentists in that region); the response rate was 74%. The(More)
Interfacial bond strengths of light-activated composites were measured as a function of age using a transverse strength test. Bond strength between layers decreased with the age of the initial layer and reflected the setting curves of the composites. The highly-filled composites exhibited the greatest bond strengths. Uncut surfaces provided a better(More)
The purpose of this paper is to examine and report on studies that relate mercury levels in human tissues to the presence of dental amalgams, giving special attention to autopsy studies. Until recently, there have been few published studies examining the relationship between dental amalgams and tissue mercury levels. Improved and highly sensitive tissue(More)
This study measured deformation of cusps and gap formation associated with MOD resin composite restorations in maxillary premolars with and without the use of low elastic modulus liners. Low elastic modulus liners may reduce the deformation by absorbing polymerization shrinkage stress. Forty maxillary premolars were mounted in stone and slot MOD cavities(More)