John W. Priest

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0 7 4 0 7 4 5 9 / 0 2 / $ 1 7 . 0 0 © 2 0 0 2 I E E E used this developmental process in a two-semester capstone design course, and TTU and UTA used it in traditional one-semester courses. This flexibility lets departments work in existing approved curricula. Our process exposes students to realworld issues and uses class projects from different departments(More)
Collaborative multidisciplinary team based education is increasingly recognized as a necessary component in the preparation of technical students for the workplace. This article presents a quantified assessment of a limited-resource process for teaching software product development combining students in computer science, engineering, and business at(More)
Effective performance management is key to recognize the benefits and achieve efficient supply chain management systems. This paper provides a state of the art review of research and industry efforts in the supply chain performance management arena (SCPM). We also propose a process-based SCPM that integrates methodologies, tools, and technologies into a(More)
Active learning comes from experiencing phenomena; computing and computer technology requires a place for these experiences to occur. A "Smart Home" is a type of intelligent environment that can provide such a place for this experiential learning. Smart Homes continue to entice us with their promise of anticipating and meeting our needs as they(More)
We propose to apply novel pervasive computing technologies to revolutionize manufacturing of extremely complex products such as commercial and defense aerospace systems. Such manufacturing systems consist of a collection of extensive manual and automated data, participation of many specialized personnel and use of distributed product data repositories.(More)
The design of semiconductor devices is an extremely complex and costly process. Numerous design and test iterations are typically necessary to finally complete a successful device. Competition in the industry has forced semiconductor manufacturers to reduce design cycle times and costs. One method now being used to accomplish these objectives is concurrent(More)