John. W. Moffat

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A fully relativistic modified gravitational theory including a fifth force skew symmetric field is fitted to the Pioneer 10/11 anomalous acceleration. The theory allows for a variation with distance scales of the gravitational constant G, the fifth force skew symmetric field coupling strength ω and the mass of the skew symmetric field μ = 1/λ. A fit to the(More)
The spontaneous breaking of local Lorentz invariance in the early Universe, associated with a first order phase transition at a critical time tc, generates a large increase in the speed of light and a superluminary communication of information occurs, allowing all regions in the Universe to be causally connected. This solves the horizon problem, leads to a(More)
A gravity theory is developed with the metric ĝμν = gμν+B∂μφ∂νφ. In the present universe the additional contribution from the scalar field in the metric ĝμν can generate an acceleration in the expansion of the universe, without negative pressure and with a zero cosmological constant. In this theory, gravitational waves will propagate at a different speed(More)
We establish the formalism in the nonsymmetric gravitational theory (NGT) for stellar equilibrium and gravitational collapse. We study the collapse of a pressureless, spherically symmetric dust cloud. By assuming that the interior solution is smoothly matched at the surface of the star to the quasi-static, spherically symmetric vacuum solution, we find that(More)