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Large sunk costs and incomplete regulatory contracts in public utilities create the possibility of opportunistic behavior by either regulators or regulated firms. We present an empirical methodology for identifying opportunism within a regulated setting, and apply it to the large-scale cost disallowances levied by state regulators on electric utilities(More)
A series of designed peptide 33-mers (betapep peptides) areknown to be bactericidal [Mayo, Haseman, Ilyina and Gray (1998)Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1425, 81-92]. Here dodecapeptides (SC-1-SC-8), which 'walk through' the sequence ofbetapep-25, were investigated for their ability to kill Gram-negativeand -positive bacteria and to neutralize endotoxin. SC-4(More)
Prospective surveillance of hospitalized patients with leukemia or solid tumors was performed in order to define the rate of nosocomial bloodstream infection according to specific diagnosis. During the 38-month study, there were 842 nosocomial blood stream infections in 704 patients, 22% of whom had leukemia or solid tumors. In the patients with malignancy,(More)
Growth of Aerobacter aerogenes PRL-R3 on the unnatural hexose l-mannose as a sole carbon source is dependent upon the selection of a mutant. Growth of the mutant on l-mannose did not require the synthesis of novel enzymes for the degradation of l-mannose, since enzymes of the l-rhamnose degradative pathway could serve this function. However, unlike most(More)
Research produced by the Center is released subject to the quality of its methods and analysis and is not dependent upon any of the policy positions of current, previous or prospective Center supporters. A complete list of financial supporters that enable the activities of the Center is available on our website, cbpp.georgetown.edu. These funders include,(More)
While Americans are spending an increasing amount of leisure time engaged in online activities, total leisure time has remained constant since at least 2003. This paper uses data from the American Time Use Survey from 2003-2010 to investigate the extent to which online leisure is substituting for other leisure activities. The analysis suggests that online(More)
The now standard principal-agent model of regulator-firm interactions typically assumes the presence of a single regulator and an exogenously determined information asymmetry between the principal and the agent. In this paper we draw upon a unique data set of regulatory inspections conducted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to explore the(More)
This paper examines the concept of revenue adequacy, a benchmark of United States railroad firms' financial performance calculated annually by regulatory oversight bodies. The paper addresses questions around the origins, measurement, informational provisions, value and policy benefits and costs of revenue adequacy. An examination of the historical origins,(More)