John W. Mathews

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There are many instances in which human observers are the final judges of the quality of a compressed image. In such situations, it is useful to incorporate a model of the human visual system (HVS) into th e image compression system in order to reduce or even eliminate the visual distortions introduced to the reconstructed image. A compressed image is said(More)
This article presents two on-line self-paced reading studies and three off-line acceptability judgment studies on the processing of backward anaphoric dependencies in Japanese in which a pronoun precedes potential antecedent noun phrases. The studies investigate the real-time formation of coreference relations and operatorvariable binding relations to(More)
In order to reach the Shannon limit, researchers have found more efficient error control coding schemes. However, the computational complexity of such error control coding schemes is a barrier to implementing them. Recently, researchers have found that bioinspired analog network decoding is a good approach with better combined power/speed performance than(More)
To increase performance, circuit designers are experimenting with timed circuits—a class of circuits that rely on a complex set of timing constraints for correct functionality. This is evidenced in published experimental designs from industry. Timing constraints are key to the success of these designs, and algorithms to verify timing constraints are(More)
This paper presents a lattice structure for adaptive Volterra systems. The stucture is applicable to arbitrary planes of support of the Volterra kernels. A fast least squares lattice and a fast QR-lattice adaptive nonlinear filtering algorithms based on the lattice structure are also presented. These algorithms share the fast convergence property of fast(More)
This paper presents an overview of several gradienttype recursive algorithms for adaptive nonlinear filters equipped with bilinear system models. Bilinear models are attractive because they can approximate a large class of nonlinear systems with great parsimony in the use of coefficients. Two algorithms of complexity O(N3) (N is the memory span of the(More)
gested (for a detailed discussion of effects of dietary carotenoids on display, see Hill 1992, 1994, Hudon 1994). The latter explanation seems less plausible, but feeding experiments are needed for a definitive test. The second implication of this study is that, especially for species with red plumage, one can test whether a color display is(More)
BACKGROUND Some uncommon lymphoproliferative and histiocytic disorders may present with an aggressive course and require hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) as part of the therapeutic approach. METHODS Published research on the use of HSCT for the treatment of these disorders was reviewed and summarized. RESULTS Allogeneic HSCT may be(More)