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A thin metal film vapor deposited on thick elastomer substrate develops an equi-biaxial compressive stress state when the system is cooled due to the large thermal expansion mismatch between the elastomer and the metal. At a critical stress, the film undergoes buckling into a family of modes with short wavelengths characteristic of a thin plate on a(More)
Geometric models impose an upper bound on the number of points that can share the same nearest neighbor. A much more restrictive bound is implied by the assumption that the data points represent a sample from some continuous distribution in a multidimensional Euclidean space. The analysis of 100 data sets shows that most perceptual data satisfy the(More)
A semi-infinite interface crack between two infinite isotropic elastic layers under general edge loading conditions is considered. The problem can be solved analytically except for a single real scalar independent of loading, which is then extracted from the numerical solution for one particular loading combination. Two applications of the basic solution(More)
Recent experimental evidence points to limitations in characterizing the critical strain in ductile fracture solely on the basis of stress triaxiality. A second measure of stress state, such as the Lode parameter, is required to discriminate between axisymmetric and shear-dominated stress states. This is brought into the sharpest relief by the fact that(More)
Sandwich plates comprised of truss cores faced with either planar trusses or solid sheets are optimally designed for minimum weight subject to prescribed combinations of bending and transverse shear loads. Motivated by recent advances in manufacturing possibilities, attention is focussed on plates with truss elements and faces made from a single material.(More)
The stability of the wrinkling mode experienced by a compressed half-space of neo-Hookean material is investigated using analytical and numerical methods to study the post-bifurcation behaviour of periodic solutions. It is shown that wrinkling is highly unstable owing to the nonlinear interaction among the multiple modes associated with the critical(More)
Thin stiff films on compliant elastic substrates subject to equi-biaxial compressive stress states are observed to buckle into various periodic mode patterns including checkerboard, hexagonal and herringbone. An experimental setting in which these modes are observed and evolve is described. The modes are characterized and ranked by the extent to which they(More)