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Knowledge of mammalian diversity is still surprisingly disparate, both regionally and taxonomically. Here, we present a comprehensive assessment of the conservation status and distribution of the world's mammals. Data, compiled by 1700+ experts, cover all 5487 species, including marine mammals. Global macroecological patterns are very different for land and(More)
The relationship between the level of hemoglobin A1 (Hb A1) in the first trimester and major malformations and spontaneous abortions was examined in 303 insulin-requiring diabetic gravidas. During the study period, all patients with insulin-requiring diabetes mellitus antedating pregnancy who registered for prenatal care prior to 12 weeks' gestation and who(More)
During the generation of radiofrequency (RF) lesions in the ventricular myocardium, the maintenance of adequate electrode-tissue contact is critically important. In this study, lesion dimensions and temperature and impedance changes were evaluated while controlling electrode-tissue contact levels (-5, 0, +1, and +3 mm) and power levels (10, 20, and 30 W).(More)
This report is a sequel to "Why Control Blood Glucose Levels?" (Arch Surg 111:229, 1976), which linked complications of diabetes mellitus to poor control. Hyperglycemia, increased gluconeogenesis, nitrogen wasting, and increased ketogenesis occur in the perioperative period, partly as a result of contrainvents are aggravated in the diabetic. Zones of levels(More)
Nine cases of pregnancy complicated by diabetes and prior renal transplantation are reviewed. Maternal and fetal death occurred in a patient with foot and leg ulcers associated with preexisting peripheral vascular disease. Pregnancy-induced hypertension occurred in six cases. Spontaneous weight-bearing fractures occurred in two patients. No episodes of(More)
OBJECTIVES This study examined the anatomic distribution types and possible determinant of atrial electrogram types during atrial fibrillation. BACKGROUND Different types of atrial electrograms during atrial fibrillation have been observed and classified, but their anatomic distribution patterns, determinants and potential usefulness in guiding future(More)
From Jan. 1, 1983, through Dec. 31, 1987, 420 gravidas with insulin-requiring diabetes antedating pregnancy delivered on the Joslin Clinic service. Among them, 110 pregnancies (26.2% of the total) delivered before 37 completed weeks of gestation compared with a 9.7% incidence (906/9368) for the general population at the Brigham and Women's Hospital during(More)
We studied the effect of diabetic nephropathy on the course of pregnancy, perinatal outcome, and infant development and determined the influence of pregnancy on maternal hypertension and renal function. Maternal proteinuria usually increased during pregnancy (greater than 3 gm/24 hours in 69%), and hypertension was present by the third trimester in 73%. The(More)