John W. Hagood

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Notices of the aMs 387 this is an example of a pull quote Polly Phipps is a senior research statistician with the Bureau of Labor Statistics. James W. Maxwell is AMS associate executive director for special projects. Colleen A. Rose is AMS survey analyst. The charts on the following pages describe the distribution of academic-year salaries for tenured and(More)
First Report contains a section on new doctoral recipients in statistics that is not updated here. Introduction The Annual Survey of the Mathematical Sciences collects information each year about degree recipients, departments, faculties, and students in the mathematical sciences at four-year colleges and universities in the United States. Information about(More)
Place a whole number of pebbles on the vertices of a simple, connected graph G; this is called a pebble distribution. A rubbling move consists of removing a total of two pebbles from some neighbor(s) of a vertex v of G and placing a single pebble on v. A vertex v of G is called reachable from an initial pebble distribution p if there is a sequence of(More)
doctoral recipients appears at the end of this report on pages 888–89. The updated responses rates for the 2006 Survey of New Doctoral Recipients appear on the next page. The total number of departments responding in time for inclusion in this Second Report was 269, 24 more than were included in the 2006 First Report and 7 more than the number responding(More)
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