John W Frederick

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Despite pronounced reductions in child mortality in industrialised countries, variations exist within and between countries. Many child deaths are preventable, and much could be done to further reduce mortality. For the family, their community, and professionals caring for them, every child's death is a tragedy. Systematic review of all child deaths is(More)
Utility engineers faced with the challenges of integrating new generation into existing power systems, clearing faults more quickly or finding an alternative to SF6 breakers will soon have a new product to meet all of their needs: a solid state current limiting circuit breaker. Electric utilities have long wished for a practical, reasonably priced, solid(More)
Section 1: The Evolving T&E Environment and Culture Any level of research into the test and evaluation (T&E) of complex systems will show that T&E is a daunting task. Scoping and planning a T&E program in advance of development could be considered an art of analysis and prediction. Conducting and reporting a T&E program could be considered an art of balance(More)
When one parent kills the other, children are confronted with multiple losses, involving their attachment figures and their direct living environment. In these complex situations, potentially drastic decisions are made, for example, regarding new living arrangements and contact with the perpetrating parent. We aimed to synthesize the empirical literature on(More)
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