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The design of analog circuit blocks for systems-on-a-chip is under constraints that are presently difficult, and in the future will be severe. Bandwidths and signal to noise ratios must be maintained in the face of decreasing power supply voltages, tighter supply current budgets, increasingly noisy substrate environments and shrinking devices with poor(More)
The design of a 155Mb/s-4.25Gb/s laser driver in SiGe BiCMOS is described. A large output voltage compliance range that allows DC coupling to the laser diode is achieved with a translinear pseudodifferential output driver. Active back-termination is provided at the modulation output pins. Careful design of the level shift stage affords low deterministic(More)
This paper describes the design methodology, simulation, and tools used to design a 4.25 Gb/s high output swing laser driver (LD) and the electrical to optical interface from the LD to the laser diode. The quality of the optical output of a fiber optic communication channel is mainly determined by the LD and the electrical interface from the LD to the laser(More)
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