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MOTIVATION The ability to detect regions of genetic alteration is of great importance in cancer research. These alterations can take the form of large chromosomal gains and losses as well as smaller amplifications and deletions. The detection of such regions allows researchers to identify genes involved in cancer progression, and to fully understand(More)
The identification of phenotypic associations in high-dimensional brain connectivity data represents the next frontier in the neuroimaging connectomics era. Exploration of brain-phenotype relationships remains limited by statistical approaches that are computationally intensive, depend on a priori hypotheses, or require stringent correction for multiple(More)
OBJECT The authors conducted a prospective longitudinal study to assess the efficacy of ProDisc arthroplasty in patients in whom symptomatic adjacent-segment degeneration has developed after remote lumbar fusion. The follow-up period was a minimum of 2 years. METHODS The 20 patients in this study ranged in age from 18 to 67 years. They presented with(More)
This paper presents two complementary statistical computing frameworks that address challenges in parallel processing and the analysis of massive data. First, the foreach package allows users of the R programming environment to define parallel loops that may be run sequentially on a single machine, in parallel on a symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) machine,(More)
OBJECT The authors conducted a prospective longitudinal study to obtain outcome (minimum follow-up period 2 years) regarding the safety and efficacy of single-level lumbar disc (ProDisc prosthesis) replacement in patients 60 years of age or older. METHODS This prospective analysis involved 22 patients treated in whom the lumbar ProDisc prosthesis was used(More)
Missing data pose one of the greatest challenges in the rigorous evaluation of biomarkers. The limited availability of specimens with complete clinical annotation and quality biomaterial often leads to underpowered studies. Tissue microarray studies, for example, may be further handicapped by the loss of data points because of unevaluable staining, core(More)
A non-toxigenic strain of Corynebacterium diphtheriae var. gravis was isolated from 31 boys during an outbreak of sore throats at a boarding school of 15 staff and 134 pupils. Despite the non-toxigenicity of the strain involved, conventional isolation procedures were observed and all boys at the school were treated with antibiotics. Restrictions on the(More)
No two ovaries are alike, and indeed, the same ovary can change its architecture from day to day. This is because ovarian follicles are present in different numbers, positions, and states of maturation throughout reproductive life. All possible developmental states of follicles can be represented at any time, along with follicles that have committed to(More)