John W. Crissman

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A filamentous phage derivative, fCA55, bearing a nonpolar deletion in gene III, has been constructed and characterized to study the functions of that gene. The deletion eliminates most of gene III without disturbing its reading frame or the putative promoter for the downstream gene, VI. Therefore it is assumed that any abnormalities exhibited by fCA55 are a(More)
IgG antibodies are multi-domain proteins with complex inter-domain interactions. Human IgG heavy chains (HCs) associate with light chains (LCs) of the κ or λ isotype to form mature antibodies capable of binding antigen. The HC/LC interaction involves 4 domains: VH and CH1 from the HC and VL and CL from the LC. Human Fabs with κ LCs have been well(More)
A gene from Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kurstaki that codes for a Lepidoptera-specific insecticidal toxin (delta-endotoxin) was engineered for expression in Bacillus subtilis. A low-copy-number plasmid vector that replicates in Escherichia coli and B. subtilis was constructed to transform B. subtilis with gene fusions first isolated and characterized in(More)
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