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In some wild Atlantic salmon populations, rapid declines in numbers of wild returning adults has been associated with an increase in the prevalence of farmed salmon. Studies of phenotypic variation have shown that interbreeding between farmed and wild salmon may lead to loss of local adaptation. Yet, few studies have attempted to assess the impact of(More)
induction of natural language grammars may include additional constraints on evaluation, such as psychological plausibility and generative capacity. Metrics for these properties might prove subjective. [9] D.A. Huffman. A method for the construction of minimum-redundancy codes. A solution of the syntactical induction-inference problem for regular languages.(More)
The development of a new Man-Computer Problem Solving Methodology to be widely and effectively applied by the Navy has been the objective of this Research Project. The basic hypothesis that has been examined is as follows. If an interactive system would be available by which a human problem solver could put together, easily and quickly, a simulation of the(More)
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