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Primary retroperitoneal tumors represent a variety of lesions, with different treatments and prognoses. Of 182 patients in our study, retroperitoneal tumor was recognized preoperatively in only 39% of them. Sarcomas were most common (43% of patients), followed by lymphomas (23%), benign tumors (11%), undifferentiated malignant tumors (11%), carcinomas (8%),(More)
Of 178 patients with sclerosing cholangitis treated since 1950, 88 patients had associated inflammatory bowel disease, 72 had no such history, and 18 had iatrogenic injury or stone disease. A total of 233 biliary operations were performed, with a 75% rate of temporary improvement after initial operation. Subsequent operations resulted in a lower success(More)
Thirty patients with cystic disease of the bile ducts operated on between 1965 and 1985 were reviewed. Three patients (10%) had a synchronous adenocarcinoma, and in three patients (10%) a metachronous carcinoma developed for a total incidence of malignancy of 20%. All patients died within 1 year of the diagnosis of malignancy. Of 19 benign cysts available(More)
We report clinical features, surgical management, recurrences, and follow-up study of 12 patients with simple hepatic cyst, 11 patients with polycystic liver disease, and 19 patients with cystadenoma who were surgically treated over a 25-year period. The median age of patients was 48 years, and 37 women and 5 men were in the series. The most common(More)
In 31 adult patients with bile duct cysts seen at the Lahey Clinic (Burlington, Mass) during a 20-year period, the median age at time of initial therapy at Lahey Clinic was 34 years. Abdominal pain was the most common presenting symptom, followed by jaundice and fever. The 31 patients underwent a total of 86 biliary tract procedures, of which 37 were(More)
Records of 11 patients undergoing biliary reconstruction after laparoscopic cholecystectomy are reviewed. Ductal injuries resulted from failure to define the anatomy of Calot's triangle. Risk factors include scarring, acute cholecystitis, and obesity. Presenting findings included anorexia, ileus, failure to thrive, pain, ascites, and jaundice. All patients(More)
AIMS The relation between lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS) and invasive breast cancer is unresolved. In an attempt to establish whether LCIS is a precursor of invasive cancer the mutational status and the expression of E-cadherin was analysed in LCIS and associated invasive breast carcinoma in 23 patients. METHODS Foci of LCIS and associated invasive(More)
Forty-four consecutive stricture repairs by one surgeon with long-term follow-up study are reported. Sutured anastomoses were performed in 39 patients. Essentials of the sutured repair include minimal dissection of the proximal duct, a one-layer anastomosis, mucosa-to-mucosa apposition, and a preference for hepaticojejunostomy with a T-tube stent.(More)
Duodenal adenocarcinoma, a rare malignant lesion, is associated with a poor 5-year survival. Few series have addressed differences between resectable tumors of the proximal and distal duodenum. We reviewed records of 17 consecutive patients with adenocarcinoma of the duodenum who underwent resection: 10 had adenocarcinoma of the proximal duodenum, and seven(More)