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The theme of this conference focusses attention on conflict and negotiation. In this paper, I take one example of these issues, and examine the cultural and psychological aspects of these phenomena that take place during the process of acculturation. During acculturation, groups of people and their individual members engage in intercultural contact,(More)
In cross-cultural psychology, one of the major sources of the development and display of human behavior is the contact between cultural populations. Such intercultural contact results in both cultural and psychological changes. At the cultural level, collective activities and social institutions become altered, and at the psychological level, there are(More)
THIRD EDITION Cross-Cultural Psychology is a leading textbook offering senior undergraduate and graduate students a thorough and balanced overview of the whole fi eld of cross-cultural psychology. The team of internationally acclaimed authors presents the latest empirical research, theory, methodology and applications from around the world. They discuss all(More)
The influence of schooling and literacy on cognitive test performance has both theoretical and practical importance. However, it is usually impossible to find populations where the relative influence of these two factors can be distinguished. Among the Cree of Northern Canada literacy in a syllabic script is widespread, and exists independently of formal(More)
Although integration involves a process of mutual accommodation, the role of majority groups is often downplayed to passive tolerance, leaving immigrants with the sole responsibility for active integration. However, we show that common group identity can actively involve majority members in this process across five studies. Study 1 showed that common(More)
  • Gregory T Gundlach, Joan M Phillips, Debra M Desrochers, John W Berry, Sr Professor Of Busi-Ness
  • 2005
A s a body of public policy thought, antitrust is concerned with the competitive consequences of conduct by organizations engaged in exchange. Its principles and doctrine ensure that exchange is conducted in a way that benefits from the incentives and discipline of a competitive marketplace. From an antitrust perspective, safeguarding competition yields a(More)
  • Judy D Olian, Joseph A Alutto, Interim President, John W Berry, Sr Chair In Business, Max M Fisher
  • 2007
In a spirit of collaboration, inquiry, and debate, the AACSB International Board of Directors is pleased to invite comments on the Impact of Research Task Force report. In April 2007, the Board accepted the report and commended the Task Force for producing a thoughtful and insightful analysis and bold recommendations that could profoundly change the way(More)
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