John W. Berry

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The theme of this conference focusses attention on conflict and negotiation. In this paper, I take one example of these issues, and examine the cultural and psychological aspects of these phenomena that take place during the process of acculturation. During acculturation, groups of people and their individual members engage in intercultural contact,(More)
In cross-cultural psychology, one of the major sources of the development and display of human behavior is the contact between cultural populations. Such intercultural contact results in both cultural and psychological changes. At the cultural level, collective activities and social institutions become altered, and at the psychological level, there are(More)
Introduction Cross-cultural psychology is a broad term for the scientific study of human behavior and mental or cognitive processes among cultures. In general, this field addresses similarities and differences among cultures. According to the American social psychologists Richard Nisbett and Ara Norenzayan, the view that there are differences between(More)
We tested group interventions for women with a Turkish migration background living in Austria and suffering from recurrent depression. N = 66 participants were randomized to: (1) Self-Help Groups (SHG), (2) Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) Groups, and (3) a Wait-List (WL) Control condition. Neither SHG nor CBT were superior to WL. On an individual basis,(More)
Cross-cultural psychology attempts to understand the development and expression of human behavior in relation to the cultural contexts in which it occurs. It adopts the perspective of "universalism," which assumes that all human beings share basic psychological processes, but which are then shaped by cultural influences. This perspective allows for the(More)
Ward, C. & Kennedy. A. (1993a). Psychological and sociocultural adjustment during cross-cut~ural transitions: A comparison of secondary students overseas and at home. lnternarionnl Journal (if f‘s~chology. 28. 129-147. Ward. C. & Kennedy. PI. (1993b). Where‘s the “culture“ in cross-cultural transition‘? Comparative studies of sojourner adjustment. Journal(More)