John W Barnhill

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This study evaluated the clock drawing test (CDT), a screening test sensitive to executive function, in 70 elderly psychiatric consultation patients. The CDT was compared to the Mini-Mental Status Examination (MMSE) on associations with psychiatric diagnoses, disposition status and radiographic findings. CDT and MMSE were correlated, and scores differed(More)
Although the associations between depression and hypothyroidism and between mania and hyperthyroidism are well described, mania in the setting of hypothyroidism is unusual. The authors present the case of a patient whose acute mania appears to have been precipitated by hypothyroidism secondary to postpartum thyroiditis. This case underscores the importance(More)
Thyroid abnormalities can induce mood, anxiety, psychotic, and cognitive disorders. Thus, thyroid function tests are routinely checked in psychiatric patients. However, up to one-third of psychiatric patients may demonstrate thyroid function test abnormalities that do not reflect true thyroid disease, but rather are a manifestation of secondary effects on(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors examine changes in psychiatric referral patterns for geriatric inpatients since last reported in the United States, more than 20 years ago, and compare geriatric psychiatric referrals to those of a non-geriatric cohort. METHOD Retrospective study comparing psychiatric diagnosis, treatment and aftercare of younger (ages 18-60 years, n(More)
BACKGROUND The treatment of psychiatric illnesses, prevalent in the general hospital, requires broadly trained providers with expertise at the interface of psychiatry and medicine. Since each hospital operates under different economic constraints, it is difficult to establish an appropriate ratio of such providers to patients. OBJECTIVE The authors sought(More)
CMAJ • NOVEMBER 18, 2008 • 179(11) © 2008 Canadian Medical Association or its licensors 1120 workers can carry it out, their numbers are still low,” says Dr. Innocent Nuwagira, a national professional officer on HIV at WHO in Kampala. “Our health facilities are already overloaded. Unlike [treating] illnesses, circumcision is optional and therefore few(More)
CMAJ • JANUARY 6, 2009 • 180(1) © 2009 Canadian Medical Association or its licensors 28 Throne Speech: Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper opened the 44th Parliament by vowing not to cut Canada Health Transfer payments to provinces in an attempt to constrain spending in a recession. “Our government will ensure that the provinces receive the general(More)
Many nursing programs removed perioperative education from their curriculum as early as the late 1960s, and perioperative nursing is now experiencing the consequences. Fewer perioperatively educated graduates are available, the workforce of experienced perioperative nurses is aging, and multiple career opportunities are luring perioperative nurses from the(More)
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