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BACKGROUND The hypersensitive necrosis response (HR) of resistant plants to avirulent pathogens is a form of programmed cell death in which the plant sacrifices a few cells under attack, restricting pathogen growth into adjacent healthy tissues. In spite of the importance of this defense response, relatively little is known about the plant components that(More)
Caffeic acid o-methyltransferase (COMT) is one of the important enzymes controlling lignin monomer production in plant cell wall synthesis. Analysis of the genome sequence of the new grass model Brachypodium distachyon identified four COMT gene homologs, designated as BdCOMT1, BdCOMT2, BdCOMT3, and BdCOMT4. Phylogenetic analysis suggested that they belong(More)
ATLIS (short for " ATLIS Tags Locations in Strings ") is a tool being developed using a maximum-entropy machine learning model for automatically identifying information relating to spatial and locational information in natural language text. It is being developed in parallel with the ISO-Space standard for annotation of spatial information (Pustejovsky,(More)
Remote sensing at high temporal resolutions, via satellite or airborne imaging systems, is often technically difficult and prohibitively expensive. This frequently results in the need for low cost, high availability field-based instrumentation and data collection systems by environmental scientists and land managers. The USGS Southwest Geographic Science(More)
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