John Vincent Omondi Muoma

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The study was carried out to evaluate the amenability of tropical inbred and hybrid maize lines, using Agrobacterium mediated transformation technique. Agrobacterium tumefaciens strains EHA101 harbouring a pTF102 binary vector, EHA101, AGL1, and LBA4404 harbouring pBECK2000.4 plasmid, LBA4404, GV and EHA105 harbouring pCAMBIA2301 plasmid, and AGL1(More)
  • Patrick Okoth, John Muoma, Mulaya Emmanuel, Wekesa Clabe, Dennis O Omayio, Paul O Angienda
  • 2016
The novelty and suitability of the mitochondrial gene CO1 in DNA barcoding as a reliable identification tool in animal species are undisputed. This is attributed to its standardized sequencing segment of the mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase-1 gene (CO1) which has the necessary universality and variability making it a generally acceptable barcode region.(More)
This study was conducted to determine the abundance and symbiotic efficiency of native rhizobia nodulating common bean in Kisumu and Kakamega, Kenya. Soil sampling was carried out in three farms that had been used for growing common bean for at least two seasons and one fallow land with no known history of growing common bean or inoculation. Abundance of(More)
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