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Epidemiological and biological studies provide compelling evidence for the protective effect of male circumcision against the acquisition of HIV. Three randomized controlled trials are currently underway to assess the impact of male circumcision as an HIV intervention in traditionally non-circumcising areas with high levels of heterosexually-transmitted(More)
Protein and peptide based therapeutics are typically administered by injection due to their poor uptake when administered via enteral routes of drug administration. Unfortunately, chronic administration of these drugs through multiple injections presents certain patient related problems and it is difficult to mimic the normal physiological release patterns(More)
To the Editor: Before 2002 there were no official statistics on multiple causes of death in South Africa. Such statistics became available for the first time in December 2002 when Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) published a report on multiple causes of death in South Africa for the period 1997-2001. The data were obtained from printouts of images of(More)
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