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OBJECTIVE To determine the frequency of Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infection in glaucoma patients and in anemic control participants. DESIGN Prospective, nonrandomized, comparative study. PARTICIPANTS The authors investigated 32 patients with chronic open-angle glaucoma (COAG), 9 patients with pseudoexfoliation glaucoma (PEG), and 30 age-matched(More)
BACKGROUND We have documented a high prevalence of Helicobacter pylori infection in patients with glaucoma. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effect of H pylori eradication on the 2 most commonly used glaucoma parameters: intraocular pressure and visual field. METHODS A total of 41 patients with glaucoma and 30 age-matched anemic controls underwent upper(More)
In a retrospective study the capillary density was determined in biopsies from 25 cases of nasopharyngeal tumor, stages III and IV. Determinations were made on stained histological sections by counting the capillaries within a standard field size and at standard magnification. A statistically significant correlation was found to exist between capillary(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) occurs in 25-51% of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) patients. Trimebutine has been effective in some IBS patients by modulating colonic motility. Furthermore, it increases gastric emptying rates, and controls esophageal motility. The aim of this study was to investigate the efficacy of trimebutine(More)
Clear cell tumors in the maxillofacial region, are usually originated in salivary or odontogenic tissues, or may be metastatic. They include calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumors, ameloblastoma and odontogenic carcinoma. Clear cell odontogenic tumor has been classified in the last WHO classification as a benign tumor, but current opinion is that it(More)
AIM To determine the immunoreactivity of somatostatin during the development of the human fetal pancreas and pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, given that, somatostatin-positive cells were demonstrated either into its embryonic anlage or into pancreatic cancer. METHODS Tissue sections from 15 pancreatic fetal specimens, and an equal number of ductal(More)
Placental macrophages (Hofbauer cells) are located close to trophoblastic cells and foetal capillaries, which make them perfect candidates for involvement in regulatory processes within the villous core. Their capacity of producing several cytokines and prostaglandin-synthesising enzymes, and expressing vascular endothelial growth factor, indicate a(More)
The antigens encoded by the major histocompability complex (HLA-DR) are cell glycoproteins that play a fundamental role in the regulation of the immune response. The prognosis of ovarian cancer is dependent on the histological type and on the clinical stage at diagnosis. Our study reports the value of HLA-DR antigen as a prognostic marker of ovarian serous(More)
Implantation of cancer cells from needle biopsy has been reported in a wide range of malignancies. Fine needle aspiration biopsy has become an accepted method for assessment of thyroid nodules. Local reappearance of thyroid cancer from needle track dissemination is a rare complication of thyroid aspiration. A 45-year-old female developed local recurrence of(More)
The fact that the CD30 molecule can mediate signals for cell proliferation or apoptosis prompted us to perform a systematic investigation of CD30 antigen expression in embryonal tissues during proliferation and differentiation stages. We first targeted the foetal human intestinal cryptae cells with positive results. The epidermis is a dynamic epithelium(More)