John V. Richardson

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Forty-two patients with aortic arch anomalies resulting in tracheoesophageal compression were treated during the period 1948 through 1978. These anomalies are important causes of upper respiratory and esophageal obstruction in babies and small children and can be corrected safely with excellent relief of symptoms. Nineteen patients (45%) had a right aortic(More)
The reviewed literature reported on plagiarism in the context of the digital era from the perspective of a broader educational spectrum. The authors of this review ask questions with regard to what constitutes plagiarism, how prevalent plagiarism is in our schools, colleges, and society, what is done to prevent and reduce plagiarism, the attitudes of(More)
During a six-year period (August, 1978-May, 1985), 1,089 patients underwent isolated, primary, elective coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) at St. Margaret's Hospital, Montgomery, Alabama. The group consisted of 833 (76.5%) men and 256 (23.5%) women. The women were older (mean age, 59.7 years vs. 55.4 years for men) (p = .0001), had more severe(More)
Embryologically related defects resulting from abnormal septation of the aortopulmonary trunk in 13 patients were reviewed and grouped according to a new classification system. Seven patients (54 percent) had typical aortopulmonary septal defects or windows (Type I), three (23 percent) had a more cephalad defect between the ascending aorta and the origin of(More)
Purpose – The paper aims to present the results of a survey of academic libraries about the adoption and perceived impact of Web 2.0 technologies. Design/methodology/approach – A total of 67 US academic libraries participated among the members of the Association of Research Libraries. Findings – It was found that each library was using some form of(More)
Early recognition and improvements in treatment have brought an appreciable decline in mortality from the adult respiratory distress syndrome. Physiologic changes during the acute illness include restriction of lung volumes and a defect in gas transfer. Until recently, pulmonary function of long-term survivors has not been discussed. This report concerns(More)
The reference transaction can be understood as a system and mod-eled as such. By adopting a problem-solving paradigm other than the one traditionally used in this area (i.e., flowcharting), a systems analysis of the question-answering process can yield new insights. In particular , this article identifies fifteen functional requirements of the process as(More)
Twenty-one patients (age 1 day to 156 months) with cor triatriatum sinister (subdivided left atrium) were treated over a 23 year period at two institutions. Anatomic classification of the hearts revealed 20 (95%) with classical cor triatriatum and normal pulmonary venous connections. One other patient had partial anomalous pulmonary venous connection. Three(More)
Designed for librarians, Question Master (QM) (at Question_Master) is a decision-support system automating some of the more routine, fact-type reference questions encountered in libraries. A series of Web pages guides librarians through a set of clarifying questions before making recommendations of an appropriate electronic or relevant(More)