John U Coniglio

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The technique of total lower lip reconstruction with a composite radial forearm-palmaris longus free flap was further refined in this report. A ventral tongue flap enhanced the lip aesthetics by recreating the vermilion. Lip suspension was enhanced by securing the palmaris tendon to the malar eminences as well as to the cut ends of the orbicularis oris(More)
Impact glass associated with 11 elongate depressions in the Pampean Plain of Argentina, north of the city of Rio Cuarto, was suggested to be proximal ejecta related to a highly oblique impact event. We have identified about 400 additional elongate features in the area that indicate an aeolian, rather than an impact, origin. We have also dated fragments of(More)
Onion bulbs are concentric lamellar structures formed by Schwann or perineurial cells, which may be seen in several generalized or localized diseases of the peripheral nerve. There is debate regarding the pathogenesis of localized tumefactions displaying these microscopic structures. We report the fifth case, to our knowledge, of a Schwann cell-onion bulb(More)
A 37-year-old woman with a skull base infection sustained massive oropharyngeal bleeding after incisional nasopharyngeal biopsy and drainage of a prevertebral abscess. A pseudoaneurysm originating at the petrous portion of the internal carotid artery was initially misinterpreted on MR images as typical postoperative change within a resolving abscess cavity.(More)
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