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— This paper reports a flexible capacitor for wearable applications which has been all-inkjet printed on a standard 65/35 polyester cotton textile using a new poly(4-vinylphenol) (PVP) dielectric material. Capacitors form the basis of a variety of sensors, such as for proximity and touch, as well as electronic circuits. This paper reports a general(More)
Neurons of Aplysia californica are naturally pigmented and the pigment accumulates with age. In the present study the pigment was examined in the same neuron from Aplysia of three postmetamorphic ages: young, sexually mature, and old. The large central neuron, R2, was examined by light and electron microscopy to determine if the pigment possessed properties(More)
We report a direct write inkjet printing technique for fabricating a flexible antenna on textile for use in smart textile applications such as wearable systems (Rienzo et al. 2006). The complete antenna was deposited entirely using inkjet printing. The inkjet printed antenna is based on a half wavelength dipole antenna offering a planar structure and(More)
Emotions affect many aspects of our daily lives including decision making, reasoning and physical wellbeing. Researchers have therefore addressed the detection of emotion from individuals' heart rate, skin conductance, pupil dilation, tone of voice, facial expression and electroencephalogram (EEG). This paper presents an algorithm for classifying positive(More)
Electrical stimulation electrode arrays are an emerging technology that enables muscles to be artificially contracted through the activation of their associated motor neurons. A principal application of electrical stimulation is to assist human motion for orthotic or therapeutic purposes. This paper develops a framework for the design of model-based(More)
1: Two configurations for sensing proximity: (a) single electrode and (b) two in-plane electrodes. Abstract—This paper reports, for the first time, a dispenser printed proximity sensor on fabric for wearable creative applications. The entire proximity sensor is dispenser printed onto a woven polyester/cotton fabric which is the predominant fabric used for(More)