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From November 1981 to April 1983, OCLC's Office of Research has been conducting research into online public access catalogs (OPACs). This project has been funded in part by the Council on Library Resources, Inc. as an attempt to provide new insight into the use of online catalogs by obtaining information which may serve as input for better system design of(More)
Performance measurement and evaluation are critical for the operation of any online information system. The measurement and collection of the data on user and system usage is referred to as monitoring, while the evaluation of this performance consists of the analysis of the system and user operations. Such analysis is necessary in order to provide(More)
The synthesis of butane-like (GeH(3))(2)(SiH(2))(2) (1), (GeH(3))(2)SiH(SiH(3)) (2), and (GeH(3))(2)(SiH(2)GeH(2)) (3) Si-Ge hydrides with applications in low-temperature synthesis of Ge-rich Si(1-x)Ge(x) optoelectronic alloys has been demonstrated. The compositional, vibrational, structural, and thermochemical properties of these compounds were studied by(More)
Normal-incidence Ge1-xSnx photodiode detectors with Sn compositions of 7 and 10% have been demonstrated. Such detectors were based on Ge/Ge1-xSnx/Ge double heterostructures grown directly on a Si substrate via a chemical vapor deposition system. A temperature-dependence study of these detectors was conducted using both electrical and optical(More)
Ge(1-x-y)Si(x)Sn(y) alloys have emerged as a new class of highly versatile IR semiconductors offering the potential for independent variation of band structure and lattice dimension, making them the first practical group IV ternary system fully compatible with Si CMOS processing. In this paper we develop and apply new synthetic protocols based on designer(More)
A SiGeSn/GeSn/SiGeSn single quantum well structure was grown using an industry standard chemical vapor deposition reactor with low-cost commercially available precursors. The material characterization revealed the precisely controlled material growth process. Temperature-dependent photoluminescence spectra were correlated with band structure calculation for(More)
A direct absorption edge tunable between 0.8 and approximately 1.4 eV is demonstrated in strain-free ternary Ge_{1-x-y}Si_{x}Sn_{y} alloys epitaxially grown on Ge-buffered Si. This decoupling of electronic structure and lattice parameter-unprecedented in group-IV alloys-opens up new possibilities in silicon photonics, particularly in the field of(More)