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From November 1981 to April 1983, OCLC's Office of Research has been conducting research into online public access catalogs (OPACs). This project has been funded in part by the Council on Library Resources, Inc. as an attempt to provide new insight into the use of online catalogs by obtaining information which may serve as input for better system design of(More)
Temperature dependent spectral response and detectivity of GeSn photoconductors on silicon for short wave infrared detection, " Opt. Temperature dependent spectral detectivity to 2.4 μm and peak responsivity of 1.63 A/W for a Ge0. Competition of optical transitions between direct and indirect bandgaps in Ge1-xSnx, " Appl. Room-temperature(More)
Thin film Ge<sub>1-x</sub>Sn<sub>x</sub> photodetectors fabricated on Si using a CMOS compatible process had responsivities at 1.55 &#x03BC;m of 6.59, 1.49, 2.63, and 0.84 mA/W for 0.9, 2.57, 3.2, and 7.0 % Sn. Spectral response for a Ge<sub>0.93</sub>Sn<sub>0.07</sub> photodetector had extended infrared response out to 2.2 &#x03BC;m.
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