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Nurses are increasingly taking over the clinical activities once carried out by doctors. In some areas it has now become difficult to distinguish the boundaries between nursing and medical health care. These changes raise important legal issues which will need to be considered by a court when dealing with clinical negligence cases involving the expanded(More)
Clinical negligence is a serious problem in the NHS, with claims and costs rising steadily. In order to understand the system fully, reference must be made to the increasingly complex and developing NHS quality regulation and management structure and the law must be considered in this context. This series of articles will look at the concept of clinical(More)
In Vol 4(22): 1298-9, the author discussed the Audit Commission's (1995) report on coordinating care for elderly patients which found serious lapses in the way pressure sore prevention is carried out. This article discusses recent legal cases and complaints made to the Health Service Commissioner or Ombudsman regarding pressure sores. It focuses on case(More)