John Tillquist

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This paper examines how norms develop and influence the planning of technological and organizational change. A case study highlights the influences of a broadly held management innovation as it is introduced into an existing organizational culture, demonstrating how norms play a role in attempts to introduce technical and management innovations. In the(More)
Extended enterprises are networks of organizations interconnected to exchange critical resources, such as raw materials, labor, access to markets, specialized skills and knowledge. Information technology (IT) is a key component in managing these interorganizational dependencies. IT can be used to disintermediate supply chain partners or, conversely, tightly(More)
The role of interorganizational information technologies (IT) in the external control of organizations is examined. At the beginning of the case study, an insurance firm is mired in government regulation and hostile relations with independent repair shops. Interorganizational IT was used to gain control over the activities and direction of the repair shops,(More)
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