John Tillinghast

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A new computer program, GlycoX, was developed to aid in the determination of the glycosylation sites and oligosaccharide heterogeneity in glycoproteins. After digestion with the nonspecific protease, each glycan at a specific glycosylation site contains a small peptide tag that identifies the location of the glycan. GlycoX was developed in MATLAB requiring(More)
The sudden explosion of the World Wide Web as a new publication medium has given a dramatic boost to the electronic publishing industry, which previously was a limited market centered around CD-ROMs and on-line databases. While the phenomenon has parallels to the advent of the tabloid press in the middle of last century, the electronic nature of the medium(More)
A general probabilistic model of the gene structural and compositional properties of human genomic DNA is introduced and applied to the problem of identifying genes in unannotated human genomic sequences. The model uses a Hidden semi-Markov" or semi-Markov source architecture which incorporates probabilistic descriptions of fundamental transcriptional,(More)
We test the effects of early life exposure to disease on later health by looking for differences in late-life mortality in cohorts born around the 1918-1919 flu pandemic using data from the Human Mortality Database for 24 countries. After controlling for age, period, and sex effects, residual mortality rates did not differ systematically for flu cohorts(More)
A prominent hypothesis of hemispheric specialization for human speech and music states that the left and right auditory cortices (ACs) are respectively specialized for precise calculation of two canonically-conjugate variables: time and frequency. This spectral-temporal asymmetry does not account for sex, brain-volume, or handedness, and is in opposition to(More)
Pair distribution function and pair potential of lattice model of chains under theta conditions-1', Makromol.On the correction-to-scaling exponent of linear polymers in two dimensions',Mean reciprocal distances of short polymethylene chains. calculations of the translational diiusion coeecient of n-alkanes',The pivot algorithm: a highly eecient monte carlo(More)
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