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A novel wavelet-based feature extraction approach is introduced in this paper for subject recognition utilizing ground reaction force (GRF) measurements. A wavelet-packet (WP) decomposition scheme is firstly proposed to recognize the discriminating frequency subbands and subsequently an efficient feature selection (FS) method is applied on the selected WP(More)
This paper proposes an object-based segmentation/classification scheme for remotely sensed images, based on a novel variant of the recently proposed Genetic Sequential Image Segmentation (GeneSIS) algorithm. GeneSIS segments the image in an iterative manner, whereby at each iteration a single object is extracted via a genetic-based object extraction(More)
A Boosted Genetic Fuzzy Classifier (BGFC) is presented in this paper for land cover classification from VHR multispectral images. The proposed system is constructed through a two stage process. The first stage incrementally generates a fuzzy rule base, through repeated invocations of an evolutionary rule extracting algorithm. A boosting algorithm is(More)
The main objective of the Economic Dispatch (ED) problem is to find optimal allocation of output power among the various generators available to serve the system load. It is necessary to incorporate wind and pumped storage plants in classical economic dispatch problem due to the increase in the use of renewable energy sources. The cost of power generation(More)
The ever increasing need for accurate burned area mapping has led to a number of studies that focus on improving the mapping accuracy and effectiveness. In this work, we investigate the influence of derivative spectral and spatial features on accurately mapping recently burned areas using VHR IKONOS imagery. Our analysis considers both pixel and(More)
In authors' previous works, a novel self-organizing neuro-fuzzy multilayered classifier (SONeFMUC) was proposed. SONeFMUC is composed of small-scale interconnected fuzzy neuron classifiers (FNCs) arranged in layers. The structure of the classifier is revealed by means of the well known GMDH algorithm. In addition, the GMDH algorithm inherently implements(More)