John Thackara

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In biology they describe as 'the edge effect' the tendency for a greater variety and density of organisms to cluster in the boundaries between communities. As in nature, so too in a networked economy: variety, density and interaction are success factors. The trouble is that most of us work inside traditional environments, not between them - in a company,(More)
The microchannel spatial light modulator (MSLM) is a versatile, highly sensitive, and optically addressed modulator that is well suited for low-light level real-time optical information processing. The image processing operations that can be achieved with the MSLM include contrast reversal, contrast enhancement, edge enhancement, image addition and(More)
Looking into the---sometimes bad---reality of life offers rich challenges for interaction design. In this Connections column, John Thackara looks into the aspects of fear and discusses its relevance for human-computer interaction.---Manfred Tscheligi
growing number of companies face a dilemma: They know how to make amazing things technically, but are at a loss to understand what to make. Companies that became successful through technological leadership are among the most sensitive to this problem; they realize better than most that technological leadership is expensive to achieve and seldom lasts very(More)
Significant improvements in the spatial resolution, framing speed, optical quality, and space-domain image-processing capabilities of the microchannel spatial light modulator have been realized by employing oblique-cut rather than z-cut LiNbO(3) crystals, high-strip-current (250-microA) microchannel plates, and an acceleration grid in the gap of the device.(More)
Pattern recognition via optical correlation generally requires an incoherent-to-coherent input image converter and benefits from edge enhancement of the input image. We have created a photoaddressed nematic liquid crystal differentiating spatial light modulator that fulfills both these functions. Developments in photoaddressing are discussed, and(More)
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