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Since its inception, this series of yearly meetings has continued to emphasize the molecular aspects of toxicity, carcinogenesis, cancer prevention and cancer therapy and the relationships among the four as they relate to human risk. The Conferences are developed on a two-year cycle. The Seventeenth Aspen Cancer Conference was a three-day conference whereas(More)
It is often alleged that high auction prices inhibit build-out. We investigate this claim under the extreme case of budget-constrained bidders. Low prices maximize overall the gains from trade. If there are n licenses, the price where the budget constraint just binds maximizes consumer surplus if the elasticity of demand is less than one plus 1/n. If demand(More)
With the growing popularity of GaN HEMTs, the reliability of the transistors after prolonged exposure and use at high temperatures is of increasing importance. Previous work has shown that GaN FETs can operate at temperatures higher greater than 500°C for short amounts of time, but need to be tested at rated operating temperatures. In order to(More)
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