John Teasdale

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BACKGROUND There is a lack of data on the cost-effectiveness of relapse prevention in depression. METHOD A total of 158 subjects with partially remitted major depression despite adequate clinical treatment were randomly allocated to cognitive therapy in addition to antidepressants and clinical management v. antidepressants and clinical management alone.(More)
Rye (Secale cereale L.) residue is known to suppress weeds in agronomic environments and to produce benzoxazinoid (BX) compounds which are phytotoxic. Experiments were conducted to determine the duration of indicator plant inhibition and BX soil concentrations in response to field incorporated or surface rye residue. Surface rye residue was highly(More)
Metabolomics provides a view of endogenous metabolic patterns not only during plant growth, development and senescence but also in response to genetic events, environment and disease. The effects of the field environment on plant hormone-specific metabolite profiles are largely unknown. Few studies have analyzed useful phenotypes generated by introducing(More)
  • Andrew Ortony, Terence J Turner, Nico Frijda, Jeffrey Gray, Phoebe Ellsworth, Philip Johnson-Laird +2 others
  • 2001
A widespread assumption in theories of emotion is that there exists a small set of basic emotions. From a biological perspective, this idea is manifested in the belief that there might be neurophysiolog-ical and anatomical substrates corresponding to the basic emotions. From a psychological perspective , basic emotions are often held to be the primitive(More)
Recent reports have suggested the presence of oestrogen receptors (ER) in pancreatic carcinoma. Therefore the tumour may be sensitive to hormone manipulation therapy. We examined 23 biopsies of human pancreatic carcinoma tissue for the presence of ER. The tissue was assayed by two methods: Iso-electric focusing (IEF) and ER-ICA an immunocytochemical assay.(More)
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