John Talburt

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This paper describes a method for using new customer data integration and customer recognition technologies that have been developed in the private sector to solve the problem of anonymous entity resolution across multiple, non-shared data stores held in government agencies. In the method described, new commercial technologies that link records using(More)
Video quality assessment has a great importance in several image processing applications. Recently, various objective video quality metrics have been proposed in order to predict the human visual perception and to achieve high correlation with the human perception of the image quality. In this paper, a novel objective quality metric is proposed for tracking(More)
Predicting and quantifying the impact of social issues on information quality programs. There are many challenging issues in the field of Information Quality (IQ), and experience has taught us that they are not all technical. As Thomas Redman points out, " Veterans also know that it is not the hard, technical issues that stymie an organiza-tion's efforts to(More)
This paper investigates the applicability of the Neural Network approach for image quality assessment. The aim is to predict the subjective quality score, namely the difference mean opinion score (DMOS) obtained from human observers, by incorporating a neural network algorithmic approach utilizing extracted statistical features from test and original(More)
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