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Parsing the Wall Street Journal using a Lexical-Functional Grammar and Discriminative Estimation Techniques
The model combines full and partial parsing techniques to reach full grammar coverage on unseen data, and on a gold standard of manually annotated f-structures for a subset of the WSJ treebank, reaches 79% F-score. Expand
Speed and Accuracy in Shallow and Deep Stochastic Parsing
This paper reports some experiments that Compare the accuracy and performance of two stochastic parsing systems and found the deep-parsing system to be more accurate than the Collins parser with only a slight reduction in parsing speed. Expand
On Some Pitfalls in Automatic Evaluation and Significance Testing for MT
In an experimental comparison of two statistical significance tests, it is shown that p-values are estimated more conservatively by approximate randomization than by bootstrap tests, thus increasing the likelihood of type-I error for the latter. Expand
Formal issues in lexical-functional grammar
Preface Part I. Formal Architecture: 1. The formal architecture of Lexical Functional Grammar Ronald M. Kaplan 2. Lexical Functional Grammar: a formal system for grammatical representation Ronald M.Expand
The Interface between Phrasal and Functional Constraints
This paper analyzes the common hybrid strategy in which a polynomial context-free parser is modified to interleave functional constraint solving with context- free constituent analysis, and describes a number of other properties that can be exploited for computational advantage. Expand
Integrating Finite-state Technology with Deep LFG Grammars
Researchers at PARC were pioneers in developing finite-state methods for applications in computational linguistics, and one of the original motivations was to provide a coherent architecture for theExpand
An algorithm for functional uncertainty
An algorithm is presented for determining the satisfiability of acyclic grammatical descriptions containing uncertainty expressions and for synthesizing the grammatically relevant solutions to those descriptions. Expand
Grammatical Machine Translation
An experimental evaluation shows that the incorporation of a grammar-based generator into an SMT framework provides improved grammaticality while achieving state-of-the-art quality on in-coverage examples, suggesting a possible hybrid framework. Expand
A Theory of Non-constituent Coordination based on Finite-State Rules
1 We are indebted to Milward (1994) for provoking and providing a starting point for this renewed research on coordination. Many of these ideas were discussed at various meetings and in emailExpand