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Wortmannin, a potent and selective inhibitor of phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase.
Phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase is an important enzyme for intracellular signaling. The microbial product wortmannin and some of its analogues have been shown to be potent inhibitors ofExpand
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MCJ/DnaJC15, an Endogenous Mitochondrial Repressor of the Respiratory Chain That Controls Metabolic Alterations
ABSTRACT Mitochondria are the main engine that generates ATP through oxidative phosphorylation within the respiratory chain. Mitochondrial respiration is regulated according to the metabolic needs ofExpand
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Accumulation of NFAT mediates IL-2 expression in memory, but not naïve, CD4+ T cells
In contrast to naïve CD4+ T cells, memory CD4+ T cells rapidly express high levels of effector cytokines in response to antigen stimulation. The molecular mechanism for this specific behavior is notExpand
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The rhodopsin content of human eyes.
PURPOSE To measure the total amount of rhodopsin in human eyes across the life span and to test the hypothesis that the rhodopsin content of infants' and the elderly's eyes is lower than at otherExpand
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Chronic Bullous Disease of Childhood and Ulcerative Colitis
Abstract: A 12‐year‐old girl with ulcerative colitis (UC) treated by colectomy with rectal stump preservation, salazopyrin, and systemic steroids developed persistent mouth ulcers, cutaneous targetExpand
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The quantity of rhodopsin in young human eyes.
The rhodopsin content of 20 eyes of infants and children ages 27 weeks gestation to 8 years (11 donors) was assayed and compared to the rhodopsin content of adults (36 eyes; 19 donors). Infants haveExpand
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Regulation of neuropeptide Y mRNA and peptide concentrations by copper in rat olfactory bulb.
Neuropeptide Y is highly abundant in both the peripheral and central nervous systems and is known to have diverse functions including regulation of feeding behavior, blood pressure, circadianExpand
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Analysis of oligonucleotides and unincorporated nucleotides from in vitro transcription by capillary electrophoresis in Pluronic F127 gels
Small functional RNAs required for structure studies are often prepared by in vitro transcription. Capillary electrophoresis in liquid crystalline gels of Pluronic F127 was used to analyzeExpand
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The quantity of rhodopsin in human eyes.
The content of rhodopsin in the eyes of 15 donors (30 eyes) was determined. Both retinal and pigment epithelial fractions were collected from each globe, extracted using 1% CTAB, and the rhodopsinExpand
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