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Sediments are evaluated for toxicity by measuring mortality in a single cohort of amphipods in either acute (10-d) or chronic (28-d) bioassays. This investigation differed from conventional bioassays in four ways: Sublethal effects (fecundity) were estimated; the testing period was 60+ d; two successive generations were examined; and Elasmopus laevis Smith,(More)
During the 1980s, the exponential growth of laughing gull (Larus atricilla) colonies, from 15 to about 7600 nests in 1990, in the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge and a correlated increase in the bird-strike rate at nearby John F. Kennedy International Airport (New York City) led to a controversy between wildlife and airport managers over the elimination of the(More)
Changes in the molar percentage of two omega-3 fatty acids, 20:5n-3 (EPA) and 22:6n-3 (DHA), occur in juvenile northern quahogs, Mercenaria mercenaria, as descending autumn temperatures approach winter lows in the temperate zone. Incorporation of these highly unsaturated fatty acids compensates for the effect of low temperature on cell membrane viscosity by(More)
Floyd Bennett Field (FBF), 579 ha in extent, is a division of Gateway National Recreation Area. It is the site of a former airfield, constructed by filling salt marshes with dredged materials. Except for the portion known locally as the “North Forty,” all sections of FBF have been cut over to maintain low vegetation. A grassland management plan (GRAMP) for(More)
The current study was undertaken to characterize the East and West Ponds and develop a mathematical model of the effects of nutrient and BOD loading on dissolved oxygen (DO) concentrations in these ponds. The model predicted that both ponds will recover adequately given the average expected range of nutrient and BOD loading due to waste from surface runoff(More)
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